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Hispanic Foodways | Designs culturally innovative, patient-focused, health and diabetes education programs as an effective way to reduce diabetes health costs and improve patient outcome.

Hispanic Foodways

Hispanic Foodways

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Nutriportion ™ Measuring Cups (Set)

Find the calorie, food exchange and carbohydrate of your favorite foods on these colorful measuring cups. A perfect tool for people with diabetes, those wanting to lose weight or just eat healthier. Information listed in English and Spanish.
  • 4 different size measuring cups - 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup.
  • How many calories in ½ cup of rice?
  • How many carbohydrates in ½ cup of fruit?
  • No need to guess! It’s on the Nutriportion ™ Measuring Cup

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Welcome to Hispanic Foodways

Teaching materials that “translate” dietary messages into culturally powerful tools

  • Try these cultural meal planning counseling tips.
  • What’s in the Hispanic Shopping Cart? Let the Vegetarian Flavors of the Hispanic Diet (PDF) teach you about the nutrition composition of traditional staples.
  • Teaching carbohydrate counting to your Hispanic patient? This simple tool teaches how to identify foods with carbohydrates. Download Carbohydrate Counting (PDF)

  • Products
    Have you met the SMARTEST Measuring Cups?

  • Do you know how many calories are in ½ cup of mashed potatoes?
  • How much carbohydrate in 1 cup of popcorn?
  • Find the calorie and carbohydrate of your favorite foods printed on each measuring cup.
  • Do you want to eat 1/2 cup of rice? Look at the cup: 120 calories and 23 grams of carbohydrate. Order the NUTRIPORTION™ Measuring Cups now

  • Hispanic Food Guide
    From A (Avocado) to Z (Zapote): Hispanic Food & Culture Guide

  • Is ZAPOTE a fruit or a vegetable? Find out!
  • Don’t know the nutritional composition of traditional ingredients and meals in the Hispanic kitchen? The Nutriportion™ Hispanic Food Cards were designed to teach Hispanics about meal planning strategies and develop productive encounters with your Hispanic patient.

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